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Dear G.O.P.

In Conservative, Republican, Tea Party on December 30, 2010 at 12:16 pm

Dear Republican Party,

If you nominate Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney in 2012 I will officially disown you. I will disregard all warnings against supporting a third party. I will throw all the weight I have behind the most conservative, probably Libertarian, candidate that I can find and I’ll drag as many voters with me as I can muster. I can assure you that I won’t be the only one to do this.

If I may offer one bit of advice, it is this: Do not assume that the Tea Parties were your midterm lackeys, a mere stepping-stone in your re-ascent to power. It won’t work that way this time. You, as a party, will be accountable for the victory that we’ve handed you. Yes, we gave it to you. Do not squander the gift and the trust that it implies. You have had two years to gather your agenda items and we’ve made it clear what we want:

  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Allow interstate competition in health insurance
  • Tort reform
  • Secure borders
  • Enforce existing immigration laws

It’s best, dear G.O.P., that you consider 2011 and 2012 a probationary period. Behave accordingly.

Dear Lisa Murkowski…

In Elections, Senate, Tea Party on August 28, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Senator Murkowski calls for primary "do-overs."

Senator, I’m interested in taking our country back from the progressives who have taken it so far off course. By your record I, and apparently many Alaskans, see that you are not.

There is a special kind of contempt that the public has for the likes of Al Gore and Al Franken for their electoral childishness. Senator, by your actions in this primary you are on the verge of reserving yourself a spot at that same table.

If you are indeed considering making a switch to run in the General Election as a Libertarian candidate then I have to question what that means for your beliefs and priorities. If choosing a party is a matter not of convictions but political expediency then I daresay you, Senator Murkowski, are a part of the problem in Washington D.C. and the Tea Party is right in looking to replace you.

It’s time to concede, Senator. The race was close and hard-fought but it’s done. Further tantrums on your part may succeed only in handing the General Election to your Democrat opponent.

Tea Party Rally Draws Thousands In Support of Washington State AG

In health care, Tea Party on March 28, 2010 at 1:03 pm

Tea Party crowd gathers in Olympia in support of Attorney General Rob McKenna (photo: South Sound Tea Party)

Washington State Tea Parties, on two day’s notice, drew thousands to the capital building in Olympia on Saturday to show support for Washington State Attorney General, Rob McKenna. According to South Sound Tea Party, Washington State Patrol personnel on scene estimate attendance at two to three thousand. Speakers at the rally included Washington State Senators Mike Carrell and Val Stevens, state Representative Tom Campbell, Washington 3rd District candidate David Castillo as well as McKenna himself.

McKenna, a Republican, has joined a group of fourteen state attorney’s general filing suit over unconstitutional insurance mandates in the Obama health care law. Washington State’s Democrat governor, Christine Gregoire, and Democrat state legislators have expressed vehement opposition to McKenna’s decision and have vowed to fight the move by restricting McKenna’s budget. In an interview with Seattle’s King 5 News, Gregoire states that “He did not call and consult me, I don’t know who he represents. He does not represent me.”

Blogger It’s Only Words has a take on Gregoire’s “I don’t know who he represents” statement:

The staggering arrogance of that statement leaves me (nearly) speechless and I assure you, I am rarely at a loss for words. I am wondering why Gregoire feels that the job of the Attorney General is specifically to represent her personal interests?

Gregoire, having been elected to three terms as Washington State’s attorney general before running for governor in 2004, should have no confusion as to who the attorney general represents. It was during her less than illustrious tenure as AG that the people of Washington State lost over $40 million dollars in two separate lawsuits due to missed deadlines, botched jury instructions and mismanagement of her department.

CNN Reports ‘Dozens’ Attend Tea Party Rally in Searchlight, NV

In Media, Tea Party on March 28, 2010 at 10:19 am

Dozens, I tell ya!

"At least dozens" estimates CNN

The Other McCain has on the scene coverage:

What was my own estimate of the crowd size? Well, Bob Engstrom of Human Events had told me that the organizers had figured they could accommodate about 6,000 in the main area in front of the stage, while law enforcement was concerned that a crowd of 10,000 might completely overwhelm their traffic-control efforts.

Colbert I. King Has No Respect for Civil Rights Pioneers

In Racism, Tea Party on March 27, 2010 at 3:41 pm

The angry faces at Tea Party rallies are eerily familiar. They resemble faces of protesters lining the street at the University of Alabama in 1956 as Autherine Lucy, the school’s first black student, bravely tried to walk to class.

So begins Colbert I. King’s op-ed piece in the Washington Post. King continues to gather all the indignities suffered by civil rights pioneers, men and women who put their very lives on the line for their cause, into a giant spit-ball and hurls it at those protesting health care reform. The trouble with King’s association is that there is no real link. It is disappointing that King would abuse the righteous cause of the civil rights movement to serve his own petty political ends.

But… ad hominem attacks like King’s can be fun. Let’s play with them a little:

The angry faces at Tea Party rallies are eerily familiar. They resemble faces of protesters lining the street outside of Coca-Cola’s corporate headquarters in 1985 as Bob Woodruff, the company’s CEO, bravely tried to walk to his office after announcing “New Coke”.

Or, how about:

The angry faces at the Copenhagen Climate Summit protests are eerily familiar. They resemble faces of protesters lining the street at the University of Alabama in 1956 as Autherine Lucy, the school’s first black student, bravely tried to walk to class.

Racially motivated Climate Change protesters

This one might work:

The angry faces at anti-free speech rallies in Canada are eerily familiar. They resemble faces of protesters lining the street at the University of Alabama in 1956 as Autherine Lucy, the school’s first black student, bravely tried to walk to class.

Students protest free speech in Canada

Oops! I guess that one doesn’t fit. But, maybe King’s analogy doesn’t fit so well, either:

Racist Tea Party protesters

Dan Riehl sums up King’s baseless playing of the race-card, which American Spectator calls “disgraceful“:

It is truly sad to see an allegedly free man squander so much of his life and thinking invested in so much racism, hate and non-existent victimization.

This Just In: Paul Krugman is Still an Ass

In health care, Tea Party on March 26, 2010 at 10:12 am

New York Times– Paul Krugman:

I admit it: I had fun watching right-wingers go wild as health reform finally became law. But a few days later, it doesn’t seem quite as entertaining — and not just because of the wave of vandalism and threats aimed at Democratic lawmakers. For if you care about America’s future, you can’t be happy as extremists take full control of one of our two great political parties.

In a sense, Paul Krugman is right. One cannot be happy as extremists take full control of one of our two great (here I agree only if by “great” he means “large”) political parties. Where I disagree is on Krugman’s characterization of opponents to health care “reform” as extremists.

To correct Mr. Krugman’s misperception, this is an extremist:

William Ayers, unrepentant domestic terrorist.

This also is an extremist:

Rev. Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright

This is someone who associates with extremists:

"We're going to fundamentally change America"

This is an extremist who celebrates our move toward socialized medicine:

Fidel Castro, despot

We’ve been saying for years that it’s dangerous to see one of our two major parties aligning itself with extreme elements. The fact that Paul Krugman has not only just come to that conclusion and then points to the American public rather than the extreme elements in the Democrat party as an example is not surprising. Because, you know… he’s an ass.

Jim Jordan Gets It

In Abortion, Congress, House, Tea Party on March 16, 2010 at 7:53 am

Having been called “racist” by the media and a former president, “hater”, “extremist” and pejoratively labeled “teabagger”, it is occasionally refreshing to find a public servant who gets it. Hell… it’s refreshing to find a public servant at all.

Jim Jordan (R-OH) “gets it” and delivers the message in his remarks to the Committee on Budget Markup.

During the past year as I have traveled around our district and throughout Ohio, I have seen firsthand the emergence of a grassroots movement, fueled in large part by an arrogant and out-of-control federal government. Millions of Americans from every walk of life have stood up—in many cases for the first time ever—to make their voices heard. They gather in town squares. They organize. They pray. They’ve marched on Washington, and they’re not stopping there. The American people are sending a message loud and clear.

Far from the dangerous extremists the other side and elite media may characterize them as, these are ordinary citizens—moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas—who believe that America is an exceptional nation. They are freedom loving Americans who feel like their government is ignoring them. They work hard every day so that their kids and grandkids can have life a little better than they did. They believe that there are ideals and principles that make this country unique throughout history and they see those principles being assaulted everyday in Washington.
I have been to town hall meetings and gatherings in town squares where our Founding documents have been distributed and even read aloud. No matter how many times I hear them, perhaps the most beautiful words outside of Scripture are in our Declaration of Independence: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

I’m jaded enough to hope, rather than know, that he’s not just kissing the Tea Party’s ass. You really should click the link and read the whole thing for yourself, though. Jordan is arguing for a Stupak/Pitts style ban on the use of Federal funds for abortion. He points out that, in the Senate bill, enrollees are required to pay a fee into an “abortion fund”. Not those receiving an abortion, mind you, but everyone enrolling in that plan regardless of your stance on abortion.

Unfortunately, the amendment that Jordan presented with this statement was shot down by the committee 19 to 17.

h/t The Other McCain

Suddenly It’s Not So Chuckle-Worthy

In Obama, Tea Party, Terrorist on December 30, 2009 at 12:04 am

Right-wing wacko, wing-nut, right-wing extremist… teabagger. I’ve always taken the epithets slung wantonly by the left with a chuckle and a grain of “is that the best you’ve got?” But tonight I ran across a post by Be John Galt that gave me pause. It reminded me of a phrase from Atlas Shrugged, the book that was the genesis of the fictional John Galt. Uttered by Fransisco, the phrase was: words have an exact meaning.

I listened to the President’s second attempt to address the Christmas Day terrorist attack.  It was a terrorist attack, it just was not as successful as the terrorists had hoped.  Yesterday Obama left me my expectantly disappointed.  Today he has hit a nerve that is turning into a slow boil.  Yesterday Abdulmutallab was an alleged suspect.   Today, he is an “extremist.”

This is not the first time Obama, this White House or his liberal supporters used the word  extremist.

Obama calls teaparty attendees extremists

Obama says those who oppose healthcare encourage extremists

Gibbs calls Town Hall attendees Extremists

those extremist tea baggers

If you attended a Town Hall last summer, if you have attended a Tea Party event, if you oppose Obama’s health care ideas… you are an extremist. Does your president equate you with plane-bombing terrorists?

Words have an exact meaning.

It’s Time to Move Past Playing “Kissy Face” With the Tea Parties

In Tea Party on December 17, 2009 at 6:06 pm

It is time for the GOP to abandon the failed notion of appeasing the left in the vain hopes of attracting “undecided” voters. This notion that you can convince a voter to choose you by eliminating the necessity that they make a choice at all has failed miserably. If the GOP will not make a decisive move to the right instead of playing lip service to the grassroots Tea Party movement, they will continue to flounder at the polls.

While the Tea Party movement may lack a unified key issue, there is surely a theme common throughout all of the various organizations: Limited government, fiscal responsibility, a freer marketplace and a return to constitutional limitations on government.

Tom Clougherty at Adam Smith sums up the smart move nicely:

As I’ve said before, this is precisely the ground that the Republicans should be re-colonizing after the disgraceful profligacy and statism of the Bush years. If they were to manage it successfully, I’ve no doubt they could win back Congress in next year’s mid-terms, and then be in a position to curb Obama’s excesses. To put it simply, the future of the ‘Grand Old Party’ lies in rediscovering common ground with libertarians, and developing a coherent, small government message. But will they realize that in time?