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Suddenly It’s Not So Chuckle-Worthy

In Obama, Tea Party, Terrorist on December 30, 2009 at 12:04 am

Right-wing wacko, wing-nut, right-wing extremist… teabagger. I’ve always taken the epithets slung wantonly by the left with a chuckle and a grain of “is that the best you’ve got?” But tonight I ran across a post by Be John Galt that gave me pause. It reminded me of a phrase from Atlas Shrugged, the book that was the genesis of the fictional John Galt. Uttered by Fransisco, the phrase was: words have an exact meaning.

I listened to the President’s second attempt to address the Christmas Day terrorist attack.  It was a terrorist attack, it just was not as successful as the terrorists had hoped.  Yesterday Obama left me my expectantly disappointed.  Today he has hit a nerve that is turning into a slow boil.  Yesterday Abdulmutallab was an alleged suspect.   Today, he is an “extremist.”

This is not the first time Obama, this White House or his liberal supporters used the word  extremist.

Obama calls teaparty attendees extremists

Obama says those who oppose healthcare encourage extremists

Gibbs calls Town Hall attendees Extremists

those extremist tea baggers

If you attended a Town Hall last summer, if you have attended a Tea Party event, if you oppose Obama’s health care ideas… you are an extremist. Does your president equate you with plane-bombing terrorists?

Words have an exact meaning.