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Conservative Cheerleader Syndrome

In Republican on February 28, 2011 at 10:29 am

Governor Chris Christie (R), NJ

Can we stop begging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to run for President, please? I enjoyed his smack-down of union whiners as much as the next guy and I like his no-nonsense approach to dealing with detractors and confronting facts. But these do not comprise robust conservative credentials.

It’s high time conservatives stop cheering every politician with an “R” on their jersey and take a look at what team they’re playing for. Christie supports Cap and Trade, is soft on immigration and supported RINO Mike Castle in Delaware. Christie has run campaign ads supporting a ban on “assault weapons,” using the dishonest scare words “automatic weapons.” He’s a step above John McCain in that he’s able to take a stand without equivocating, but he’s sure as hell not the second coming of Reagan he’s made out to be.

Governor Christie has made a big deal of downplaying any talk of his running for president in 2012. So much so that it’s almost anti-downplaying. Christie has jokingly threatened suicide to prove that he’s not running in ’12, but his media machine, as noted by Dan Riehl, is in high gear.

If Christie kills himself and runs anyway on the Zombie ticket I predict he’ll split the vote with Obama. If Christie runs instead of killing himself I’m going to consider that his first broken campaign promise.