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It’s Bribery Any Way You Slice It (Update)

In Senate on December 20, 2009 at 4:46 pm

Senate Republicans have done everything in their power to keep Harry Reid’s health care bill from coming to a vote on the Senate floor, threatening to delay the bill with endless debate. To counter the filibuster, Democrats need sixty votes for cloture. Cloture puts a thirty hour limit on debate after which a vote can be forced. As of Saturday morning, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) became vote number sixty in a tally that had been stalled at fifty nine.

Unsatisfied with the abortion amendment in Reid’s bill, Nelson had been working with Democrat leaders to make changes but had made little progress and had been withholding his cloture vote as a result. Suddenly on Saturday morning, Nelson announces that he is satisfied with the (minor) changes in the abortion amendment and indicates that he will vote “yes” along with the rest of the Senate Democrats. The change in abortion language was so minuscule and far from what Nelson sought that the sudden change of heart was suspicious. Sure enough, here’s the real reason for Nelson’s “yes”: The bill requires the expansion of Medicaid in all fifty states but Nebraska alone will have that additional expense covered by the federal government.

‘‘(3) Notwithstanding subsection (b) and paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection, the Federal medical assistance percentage otherwise determined under subsection (b) with respect to all or any portion of a fiscal year that begins on or after January 1, 2017, for the State of Nebraska, with respect to amounts expended for newly eligible individuals described in subclause (VIII) of section 1902(a)(10)(A)(i), shall be determined as provided for under subsection (y)(1) (A) (notwithstanding the period provided for in such paragraph)

I sent emails to my U.S. Senators last night, as did my wife, expressing our displeasure and absolute opposition to this health care bill. While we both remained respectful in our language, our ire was evident enough. Not nearly as evident, however, as the letter shared by Michelle Malkin  from one of her readers, a doctor in Nebraska, addressed to Senator Ben Nelson:

Hello Michelle:

I’m a family practice doctor in Nebraska. I sent the following (angry,I admit) letter to Senator Nelson. I urge your readers (from Nebraska and elsewhere) to do likewise, in their own words!

Dear Senator Nelson:

I send this message under “Tort Reform” because the current monstrosity you have pledged your support to says nothing whatsoever about Tort Reform. You have sold the physicians of Nebraska for zilch (zilch for us, but beaucoup federal bucks for you and the liberal partisans in this state). As a family practice physician in Small Town, Nebraska, I was counting on you to be the lone voice of Democratic sanity on this issue, but you sold me out. I will dedicate every spare minute of my time and every spare dollar I have to defeating you, should you run for re-election. The long hours I spent on my medical education and the long hours I spend treating my patients are nothing but chump change to you and your Democrat colleagues in Washington. I especially can’t wait for your equivocation and milquetoast evasion when your “compromises” on the abortion language in the bill are silently erased or quietly (on-little-legislative-cat’s-feet) eviscerated in the House/Senate give-and-take. Go on: Bet me that you won’t wuss-out on this issue!

I know you won’t give two-seconds to this letter, but I had to write it. I’m a primary care doctor in YOUR state, and you sold me out. I didn’t slog through 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency just to have you hand my career and my patient/doctor relationships over to government lifers. Your gutless acquiescence to Obama and Harry Reid and ‘Nanny’ Pelosi will NOT be forgotten.

Thank you, Ben, for forcing doctors like me to earn less than the repairmen who fix our appliances. Case in point: We recently had our dishwasher fixed. The repairman who came to our house charged $65 just to come and ‘diagnose’ the problem, then charged another $180 to ‘fix’ the problem. You and your fellow lawmakers have fixed MY going rate (Medicare) at $35 per-visit. Thank you for securing such a ‘lucrative’ rate for me! Thank you so much for making me–someone with 8 years of education!–make less than a mechanic or appliance repair technician. And thanks especially for falling in line with Obama and the rest of the Democrats to make such a socialist system permanent.

You have my disgust and disdain forever, you socialist-coddling coward.

Becky F. Hollibaugh, D.O.
Warren Memorial Hospital
Ziimmerman Clinic
Friend, NE 68359


I have personally contacted the Zimmer Clinic in Friend, Nebraska and confirmed that this letter posted by Malkin is indeed authentic. I did not take the clinic staff’s valuable time to determine the source of the misspelling of the clinic name because it does not matter. Nice try though, lefties… the resistance is genuine.