In Economy on March 6, 2011 at 9:56 am

Remember ten years ago when Democrats said it would take ten years to see any benefit from drilling the oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge? Yeah, me too.

With oil priced around $104 per barrel we’re now paying $3.65 per gallon for gas. Predictions are that oil may hit $150 to $200 per barrel. If $104 crude equates to $3.65 gasoline then $150 crude may yield $5.26 per gallon gasoline. $200 crude will have us paying $7.02 at the pump. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

(Thanks, Herman Cain, for the reminder)

  1. Yes, I remember and it was said 10 years before that and continues to this day. But do you also remember during the last presidential campaign Hussein saying energy cost’s would NECESSARILY go up? I do!

  2. Funny how the left crucified Bush for the high gas prices, but not a word to Obama about them.

  3. Christopher is right. Obama has wanted us paying through the nose for our ‘greedy’ energy consumption. Now he’s gotten his wish.

    Obama, like many in the ruling class, thinks he’s better than us. Accordingly he wants to teach us a lesson about our wasteful selves. What better way then to make us pay through the nose just to run our daily lives?

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