The ‘Dog Ate My Homework’ Excuse Gains Relative Moral Traction

In Democrat on February 20, 2011 at 7:48 am

Not that there’s any substance to moral relativity but… I think the teachers protesting outside the capitol building in Wisconsin owe their students a little slack.

Multiple videos depicting doctors handing out medical excuse notes to protesters have hit the internet. The notes, of course, will excuse as “sick days” the absences of teachers who have abandoned their jobs to protest with their unions. Faculty absences last week have shut down dozens of schools in Wisconsin. So noble are these public servants to which Wisconsin children are entrusted that they will cavalierly commit fraud in order to wrongfully collect taxpayer money even as they try to exert their influence to collect more taxpayer money.

Oops! Delusional progressive apologists make for great entertainment.

Progressives were quick to assert that the doctors who set up stations throughout the crowds were right-wing plants. The mere presence of Andrew Breitbart in Madison was proof enough.

The doctor interviewed in this video (after the jump), in spite of the most ardent wishes of Crooks & Liars, is quite real. He is James H. Shropshire, MD, a Clinical Associate Professor at  the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. The video clearly shows Dr. Shropshire’s signature and Wisconsin medical license number. It’s also hard to miss the distinctive gap in his front teeth. The interview with the “patient” is cursory, presumptive and, to any reasonable person, clearly a complete sham.

Doctor James H. Shropshire provided notes for protest attendees

An email sent to Dr. Shropshire seeking comment has not been returned. If and when he replies I will provide an update.


(via Gateway Pundit) University of Wisconsin Health has issued a statement regarding the behavior of UW doctors this past week. The university’s web site promises an investigation:


It may be hard to tell whether this investigation actually leads to any disciplinary action. The press release specifically states that it is “…considered a personnel matter and will be treated with the confidentiality required by University of Wisconsin policies.”

h/t The Right Sphere, Memeorandum

  1. Good luck with the reply, but don’t hold your breath. On the other hand, you may get a doctor’s note for later use on your blog when you don’t have time to post.

  2. Doctor Shropshire: Certified doctor, certified fraudster.

    Amazing how far the left has sunk.

    Nice post, ATL.

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  4. I wonder if these teachers will ever look at a “sick note” from students the same way.

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