On Wisconsin!

In Tea Party on February 17, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Wisconsin is poised to pass legislation that will strip the collective bargaining rights of public employees unions and require public employees to pay a greater share of their pension and health care costs (which will still be half of what workers in the private sector pay). As a delay tactic, WI State Senators fled the capital. I’m guessing that’s to allow more time for Organizing For America and other union supporters to bus protesters in to the capital. Under Wisconsin’s state constitution, legislators can be compelled to come to work so… these guys fled to Illinois.

Video related:

h/t Big Government for the video.

  1. I like how the one guy has the cheek to claim that he’s doing his job by delaying the vote. Because the voters don’t think we’ve had enough time to debate.

    So, wouldn’t voting NO for that same reason be a bit more effective?

    Unless . . . you know that the NOs will lose, because most reps know the voters want a YES . . .


  2. […] fourteen lawmakers are demanding, as I stated in an earlier post, the removal of provisions in Wisconsin’s budget legislation which curtail the collective […]

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