The Only Fair Fight is the One You Win

In health care, House, Republican, Violent Rhetoric on February 15, 2011 at 12:03 pm

The only fair fight is the one you win.

Violent rhetoric. *Inclusion of this image should in no way be construed as endorsing the act of blowing opponents up with a tank.

So states rule #11 in the ubiquitous “20 rules for a firefight” endlessly circulated in emails and posted on (non-hippie) blogs. The effort to end Obama Care is, if you’ll pardon the violent rhetoric, undoubtedly a firefight. Unfortunately, the House Rules Committee is choosing to operate under a misguided notion of fairness. Maybe they didn’t get the email.

The majority that Republicans hold in the House of Representatives is not sufficient to pass an outright repeal of Obama Care. The bill wouldn’t survive the Senate and, even if it did, we’d never garner enough votes to override the inevitable presidential veto. That leaves the one constitutionally granted power that the House can use to kill this legislation: The purse strings.

All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives. As the House prepares to fund the Federal Government for the rest of the year, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has crafted an amendment that would entirely de-fund Obama Care. To offer this amendment would require a special procedural rule, something that is done on a regular basis. The House Rules Committee has demurred.

Red State explains:

Obamacare was a mix of what is called discretionary and mandatory spending. King is trying to defund the entire law, but the parliamentarians are arguing that his amendment would be out-of-order (i.e. against House Rules) because it attempts to mess with programs that are not strictly discretionary.

The Democrats bent rules, broke rules and used every parliamentary trick in the book to pass this legislation and it’s sheer idiocy for the Republican majority to claim some misguided, ill-conceived, entirely nonsensical high ground. Go for the jugular because if you don’t, your opponent will.

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