Damn Right We’re Exceptional

In Culture on September 12, 2010 at 1:46 pm

No other nation on earth has been founded as The United States of America has. No other nation in the world is built, from its inception, around the core principles of liberty and self-determination. Some nations have moved in that direction and have made great strides toward the freedom of its citizens; but that’s because America has set the standard.

There is nothing about being born in America that makes a person exceptional. Many great Americans were born elsewhere. The greatness comes from freeing the potential for greatness that all human beings possess and then rewarding the actualization of that potential. Even now, nobody does that the way America does.

No country in the world is as benevolent as The United States. Of the top ten nations in foreign aid contributions, America is number one. In fact, the difference in foreign aid given between the U.S. and the number two spot is greater than the total contributions of the last five countries on the list.

In spite of all this, or perhaps because of it, there are people who hate the America for what we are. There are even some within our own country who would apologize to the world for our greatness, as if it is the product of some immodesty to be considered gauche in polite society. God forbid that we make another nation feel inferior in any way. Rather than set the bar high for the rest of the world to strive to reach, these people would have us stoop to a comfortable level of mediocrity in the name of a false sense of humility.

By no means should we allow ourselves to be swayed by the petulant mewling of nations dependent upon our largess. Their authority to pass judgment on our sovereign nation is only that which we give them. To allow world opinion to define us is to relive junior high school on a geopolitical scale.

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