Radical Islam Uses Koran Burning to Fan Anti-American Sentiment

In Afghanistan, Culture, First Amendment, Terrorist on September 9, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Muslims around the world might not like America anymore if we burn the Koran.

In other news, an accused rapist says of his victim: she asked for it.

Afghan insurgents passed out leaflets to villagers describing Florida cult leader Terry Jones’ plan to burn copies of the Koran on September 11, according to ABC news. But this is just another verse in the song of the Great Satan that radical Islam has been singing for decades. It does nothing to change the tune.

General Petraeus himself has warned, even before the leaflets began circulating, that burning the Koran could lead to backlash against U.S. troops. I wonder if Petraeus considered the irony of asking Americans not to exercise the rights defended by his troops for the sake of the troops.

That’s not to say that, from both a social and a theological stand point (from which I speak with some authority), Terry Jones isn’t a complete ass-hat. He clearly is. But, just as Imam Feisal has a right under the first amendment to build his victory mosque cultural center at Ground Zero, so Jones and all two-dozen of his followers have the right to exercise their faith in whatever mis-guided way they see fit. That’s what makes our country what it is rather than some Islamo-Facist Theocracy. In fact, both Jones and Feisal have stated that, while they may have some regret in setting themselves on this course (something I doubt in both cases), the consequences of reversing now would be more detrimental. Both men are standing on the fringe of their respective religions and tarnishing the image of each of them.

There, was common ground so hard to find?

h/t memeorandum

  1. Numerous great points! Especially the almost throw away line about the Petraeus irony.

    The latest news is that the mosque isn’t really stopping. What is striking about that is the way it reinforces the image that a Christian backed down and a Muslim didn’t. Are Christians patsies? Do Muslims only respect strength? Are they less willing to compromise? Did a deal even really exist or is Jones delusional?

    Each new development in this chain of events brings up more questions than it answers. At least so far.

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