If By Honest, Open and Ethical You Mean Deceitful, Secretive and Corrupt…

In Congress, Democrat on September 9, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Remember this declaration?

The Democrat’s most ethical Congress ever piles on yet another scoop of corruption and deceit:

Texas Democrat Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson directed Congressional Black Caucus scholarships to her relatives. Once this act was brought to light, Rep. Johnson claimed that it wasn’t she herself who selected several of her relatives as recipients but staff members.

From Hot Air: According to letters obtained by the Morning News, however, Johnson was not only involved in the decision to give the money to her family members, she also personally intervened to make sure they literally received it, instead of their schools

That’s right, not only was her initial defense an outright lie, Representative Johnson returned the checks that were made out to the schools attended by her family members, asking that they be re-issued in the student’s names. In doing so, Johnson removed the measure of accountability that scholarship foundations commonly employ which ensures that limited scholarship funds are used for education.

Johnson’s lack of integrity, honesty and conscience seems almost bush league in comparison with the scheme cooked up between Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Maxine Waters (D-CA). From Big Government:

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee, has paid some $30,000 since 2004 for the endorsement of embattled Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) in the context of a scheme that critics charge is unethical and amounts to Waters using her political station to benefit her family members.

…Waters “has turned political endorsements into a family business, using federal election laws to charge California candidates and political causes to include their names as her personal picks on a sample ballot, or ‘slate mailer,’ she sends to as many as 200,000 South Central Los Angeles voters.”

The slate mailer business, it turns out, is run by Waters’ daughter, Karen, via her public relations firm.  Records show that Karen Waters’ firm has been paid more than $350,000 since 2004, and has billed a further $82,000 since California’s June primary, for its services in this regard.


Boxer has been called out for steering about $500,000 in contributions made to her political action committee to her son’s consulting firm between 2001 and 2009.

Boxer is also the chair of the Senate Ethics Committee (yep, let that sink in a little…). This is the same committee that last year cleared Democrat Chris Dodd of any wrongdoing in the Countrywide Bank scandal.

On Friday the Senate “Ethics” committee cleared Sens. Dodd and Conrad of any ethical violation in relation to the Countrywide Bank scandal. As a refresher, the accusation (indeed, it has been admitted to now) was that Countrywide Financial had a “special” lending program for senators and those who have influence and power. Under these special loan programs Dodd and Conrad got sweetheart deals in terms of the loans they got on their houses. Despite the fact that the only reason Dodd and Conrad got these deals was because they were senators and could be in a position to help Countrywide, the Democrat controlled Ethics committee found no violations.

No violations, indeed. Senator Dodd, as evidenced in emails and documents at Countrywide, received exceptional rates and reductions in costs on two home loans. The total value of the VIP treatment is over $77,000. In return, Dodd pushed legislation in the Senate that bailed Countrywide out of bad loans. To Countrywide’s credit, billions of dollars in bailouts are an excellent return on a $77,000 dollar investment. Me, I’m surprised that it costs so little to own a Senator. I guess I shouldn’t be, though.

Go ahead and watch the video at the top of the post again, you probably need the laugh by now.

(Major h/t KingShamus)

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  2. Good suggestion to watch the video again after reading the post to get a laugh.
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