Watson! Get In Here!

In Humor, Republican on September 7, 2010 at 10:42 pm

The only good phone is a dead phone.

I sometimes imagine that it’s 1875 and, for reasons unknown, I’m a trusted acquaintance of Alexander Graham Bell. I imagine that Bell turns to me and says, “I’m considering making a device that will transmit a person’s voice over wire in order to communicate over distance to another person. What say you to that idea?” My answer, of course is absolutely not! I hate talking on the phone.

In spite of my utter loathing of the device, I spent my evening volunteering at my County GOP headquarters’ phone bank. I sort of expected a little more fanfare from the staff but I guess they don’t understand the depth of my reticence.

  1. He isn’t kidding here folks. I can’t get more than an “umhmm” on the phone from him. That is why I am so happy that he set himself aside to try to do something for our government. Way to go.

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