More Peace, Tolerance and Sanity from the Left

In Protest on September 4, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Peace demonstrators attempt to break through police lines in Dublin.

Peaceful anti-war demonstrators in Ireland today pelted former Prime Minister Tony Blair with eggs and attempted to break down police barricades. Blair was appearing at a Dublin book store to sign copies of his new autobiography.

Among the groups protesting was the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Coalition. This is a group that is helping put together “Gaza Flotilla II” because, you know, the last one worked out so well. Except, of course, the part where their ship, the Rachel Corrie, was boarded for illegally running the Israeli blockade and the passengers and crew deported.

A representative of an equally well-informed group, The Irish Anti-War Movement, “accused Mr Blair of making ‘blood money’ from the memoirs” according to the BBC. As reluctant as I am to rain on the Irish Anti-War Movement’s parade of (self)-righteous indignation, both the advance and the royalties from Blair’s book are donated to the Royal British Legion, a UK veteran’s charity. Nice try, though.

(h/t Memeorandum)

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