Grasping at Enhanced Interrogation Straws

In Democrat, Terrorist on June 9, 2010 at 10:44 am

From (emphasis mine):

According to [Physicians for Human Rights]’s investigation, the CIA conducted experiments monitoring sleep deprivation for up to 180 hours and experimented with waterboarding by adding saline to water to avoid killing detainees or rendering them comatose.

So, the CIA monitored the health of detainees subject to interrogation to ensure that they weren’t killed. Subject’s blood oxygen levels were monitored by doctors in order to ensure that the interrogation didn’t result in permanent physical harm or death. According to PHR, that’s… bad?

Apparently so. In fact, because the data was recorded, PHR (and every knee-jerk leftist covering the report) are calling it “medical experimentation” and went instantly  Godwin.

I now have a greater understanding of the Democrat controlled Congress’ desire to do-away with the word “retarded”; it makes it too easy to categorize the lunacy that comes from the left side of the ideological aisle.

  1. The only torture I care about is the duress the Donkey-Punchers put my wallet through every damn day.

    Nice to see you back, dude.

  2. Welcome Back (Kotter)!

    The lesson for the CIA is then, what? Don’t record it? I bet the PHR (and every knee-jerk leftist covering the subject) would just love the secret interrogations that result from that.

    Way to pounce and on some imagined infraction and drive interrogations underground where who knows what might go on. Counter productive to their cause which seems to be inclined towards ZERO interrogations of any sort.

    Many people wouldn’t see that counter productivity as a bad thing, given the absolutes as the two choices.

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