Congressman Hank Johnson Fears Island of Guam At Risk of Capsizing

In Congress, Democrat on April 1, 2010 at 8:00 am

I have to hand it to the Admiral being questioned. He mostly kept a straight face.

Congressman Johnson (D-GA) was diagnosed ten years ago with Hepatitis C. Judging by this video I think that might be a misdiagnosis. Hepatitis D-minus, maybe.

Michelle Malkin is taking bets as to “how long before race hustler Rep. Johnson cries “RAAACISM!” to deflect questions about his sanity and mental fitness for office”.

h/t Hot Air

  1. Not a race-based question: Is he high?

    Not a race-based question: What part of Georgia is this guy from? Who does he represent?

    Not a race-based question: Has he been watching Pirates of The Caribbean too often?

    Not a race-based question: WTF??

    • The DUMB ASS REPRESENTATIVE should have gone to the library
      and READ UP about GUAM PRIOR to making COMMENTS about the
      8,000 marines to be relocated to Guam. Has this rep. ever been out of the U.S.??????? Perhaps he should go to Guam
      and SIZE UP HIS OPINION after he goes around the island,
      which won’t take up most of his time because from his
      ISLAND!!!!! What a F_ _ _ _ ING IDIOT, MORON, ASSHOLE, and
      WHATEVER (as Archie Bunker would say). OR, PERHAPS the
      REPRESENTATIVE should go back to SCHOOL and take up
      GEOGRAPHY and familiarize himself about the countries and
      ISLANDS surrounding the oceans.

  2. I seriously thought this was going to be an April Fool’s joke!

  3. This man makes $174,000 per year; but he is a black democrat and will never be criticized.

  4. If this idiot is the leader of his district, can you
    imagine how stupid the people he represents are?
    I know. I know. We are all just racists.
    Can a &%##@* who believes islands are “floating” on
    the surface of the ocean be trusted with global warming
    Kudos to the admiral for keeping a straight face!!

    • Dear Sir,
      This man is my representative.
      Although I do not know you, I can say that, based on my academic success, test scores, and current academic institution- Harvard, it is statistically likely that I am smarter than you. Am I among these stupid people that he represents. I must be practically retarded for getting a 2320 on the SAT, right?
      Suck it.

  5. My COMMENT is posted under “COMMENT BY “DEAN L”. Don’t
    know what happened that it went under Dean L. Perhaps I
    was TOOOOOOO UPSET by the SO CALLED REP. Thank You

  6. Our beloved congressman is stuck on stupid.

  7. … does he think islands all FLOAT in the water? Does he not understand that islands are the top of mountains in the ocean, hills/ higher elevations in rivers and lakes?

  8. I knew that public education in Georgia was kinda poor compared to the rest of the country, but holy shit!

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