Kevin Jackson Takes On ‘Racist Tea Party’ Accusations

In Racism, Tea Party on March 25, 2010 at 6:36 am

Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere addresses the “racist” accusations leveled at the Tea Party movement.

Jackson bats down every one of David Shuster’s race-baiting accusations handily and asserts that “I’ve been to  hundreds of Tea Parties all around the country. What I can tell you is that I’ve never seen any black lynched at one of them..” adding that this is not a claim Democrats can make regarding their gatherings.

On the subject of vandalism at Democrat offices, we shouldn’t forget the vandalism at the Dem party headquarters in Denver in 2008:

One of two people suspected of shattering 11 windows Tuesday morning at the state Democratic Party headquarters has an arrest record and a history of helping a Democratic political candidate, public records show.

Early Tuesday, Democratic Party chairwoman Pat Waak said the damage to her building in Denver’s art district was a consequence of “an effort on the other side to stir up hate.” She tempered her statement after Schwenkler’s political history was revealed.

Any compelling reason to believe that their tactics have changed? I didn’t think so. Gateway Pundit has more.

(H/T The Other McCain)

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