An Age of Wonder and Awesomely Awesome Awesomeness

In Culture on March 25, 2010 at 9:10 am


My friend King Shamus offered up a gem about the waning influence of post WWII media and the burgeoning influence that new media has on pop culture. You should check out his post but if you are really too lazy to click a link, here’s a taste:

I think our drive-by media pukes hate the new media environment because in the old Cronkite/NYTimes days, a few reliably liberal figures and institutions could shape the narrative as they saw fit.  The Great Society was a wonderful new government commitment to it’s citizens.  The Vietnam War was hopelessly lost after the Tet Offensive.  Richard Nixon was a singularly evil man and no other presidency had done the things he had done.  The story could be shaped-and shaped quite easily-when the old skool media dweebs had a lock on current events.  Pop music, movies and news would by and large reflect a basically lefty viewpoint.  Moreover, the left knew they could rely on the media monopoly to basically back up their ideological play.  Everybody came out a winner…except for the American cultural consumer, who was given 1/4 of one side of a story some hack thought was important.

  1. Wow, man. Thanks for the linkage. I am stoked you thought my stuff was cool. I appreciate it.

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