RINO Hunting: Republican Dead-Wood of the Day

In health care on March 13, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Ray LaHood, tapped by President Obama for Secretary of Transportation, 2007 recipient of a 0% rating for pork spending and an 11% rating for government waste, wants to tout his conservative credentials in the Chicago Tribune:

I’ve been a Republican all my life, when I served in the Illinois legislature, when I worked for members of Congress and when I served in Congress. During the 2008 presidential election, I supported Republican Sen. John McCain. I have always been — and still am — a fiscal conservative, an advocate for a smart, but restrained, government.

Noticeably, LaHood says “smart” not “small” government. I’ve never seen a good example of “restrained” government so I’m not sure what he’s talking about there. And then the former congressman goes on to say this:

If I were still a member of Congress, I would proudly vote for the bill that President Barack Obama is championing and I would urge my colleagues to do the same…

My response? It’s a good damn thing you aren’t, you RINO jackass.

Eric Zimmermann at The Hill adds:

Obviously, LaHood’s position [as Transportation Secretary] isn’t directly related to healthcare. But LaHood is a former Republican congressman, and the administration is probably hoping his imprimatur will lend a sheen of bipartisanship to the bill.

I’m not certain that the “sheen of bipartisanship” can be seen through the layer of B.S.

  1. LaHood was useless even before he became part of the Obambi administration. Now, he’s just another reliable lib dork.

    Good riddance.

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