This Isn’t Reality TV, It’s Reality

In Democrat, health care, Senate on December 21, 2009 at 5:41 pm

A vapid and brainless post in Liberal Values Blog shows just how skewed Ron Chusid’s take on reality is as he touts two important votes: The Senate’s cloture vote on the health care bill and Natalie’s win on ‘Survivor’.

Survivor winner Natalie

Apparently Ron doesn’t realize the difference between the ‘Real World’ (yes, pun intended) consequences of one of the most intrusive bits of legislation in my lifetime and the contrived and controlled entertainment of a reality TV show. The only possible link between the two is the reality that a lot of Democrats are going to be voted off the congressional island next season.

No immunity idols here, buddy.

Cash for cloture winner, Sen. Ben Nelson

  1. […] Chusid, a repeat offending idiot at Liberal Values (a contradiction in terms if I ever heard one), asserts that “Besides […]

  2. The mission of the Ron Chusid’s blog is: “Support for basing political decisions based upon empiric data as opposed to religious beliefs”

    In case of health care reform, LV is about as close minded as they come, i.e., just about anyone who doesn’t parrot the Democratic party line is NOT welcome to comment on “Liberal Values.” Check out “How to Argue With a Democratic Leftest (i.e., Ron Chusid) | How to Recognize Closed Minded People”

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