It’s Time to Move Past Playing “Kissy Face” With the Tea Parties

In Tea Party on December 17, 2009 at 6:06 pm

It is time for the GOP to abandon the failed notion of appeasing the left in the vain hopes of attracting “undecided” voters. This notion that you can convince a voter to choose you by eliminating the necessity that they make a choice at all has failed miserably. If the GOP will not make a decisive move to the right instead of playing lip service to the grassroots Tea Party movement, they will continue to flounder at the polls.

While the Tea Party movement may lack a unified key issue, there is surely a theme common throughout all of the various organizations: Limited government, fiscal responsibility, a freer marketplace and a return to constitutional limitations on government.

Tom Clougherty at Adam Smith sums up the smart move nicely:

As I’ve said before, this is precisely the ground that the Republicans should be re-colonizing after the disgraceful profligacy and statism of the Bush years. If they were to manage it successfully, I’ve no doubt they could win back Congress in next year’s mid-terms, and then be in a position to curb Obama’s excesses. To put it simply, the future of the ‘Grand Old Party’ lies in rediscovering common ground with libertarians, and developing a coherent, small government message. But will they realize that in time?

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