I Regret My Previous Acorn Post That Doesn’t Exist

In Democrat, Obama on September 17, 2009 at 1:39 pm

I regret not posting earlier regarding ACORN when James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles released the second video on showing ACORN workers in Washington DC. The DC ACORN workers, as the video shows, were willing to commit fraud and cover up an illegal prostitution business in a manner strikingly similar to the first video filmed on hidden camera in Baltimore. I guessed at what O’keefe’s strategy was then and… I didn’t say it. It’s too bad, because I was right.

After the first video aired, ACORN fired the employees involved and declared them “rogue.” ACORN released a statement decrying Okeefe’s tactics, calling it “entrapment” and stating that he had tried the same thing in Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC to no avail. This, according to ACORN, was an isolated incident.

Then the second video was released. Still, ACORN insisted, this is an anomaly and two more employees were fired for helping the “prostitute” and “pimp” set up their fictitious “brothel”. Again it was reported that O’keefe and Giles had failed in similar attempts in Los Angeles and New York.

My wife can attest that, at the time the second video was announced, I was jumping up and down, stabbing my finger in the air at the monitor and declaring “You watch! They’ll wait for ACORN to do damage control and they’ll release another one.” And then the Brooklyn video was released and then Los Angeles and now San Diego.

I wish that I had published my prediction at that time.

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